Our Story

"I remember as a kid my dad would bring home this huge hunk of meat and season it up with salt, pepper and paprika. He would fire up the Weber Kettle and cook the meat for hours. The end result was a brisket fit for kings. As the years passed by, I learned the special techniques of smoking, entered competitions and continued to develop my own recipes that stuck to the Texas tradition of smoking meat."

-Joe Morgan, Pitmaster at Dog Tired BBQ

The Dogs

Stella Dog


Tired Dog in training.

Happy pig wearing sunglasses


Not a dog, but somehow escaped the smoker and now we're in love.
Yellow Labrador dog outside with a stick and an atv

"Tasmanian" Tessie

The one who always has a stick.
Black dog sitting calmly outside

In Loving Memory of Stormy

The one who was social only when it involved food.

happy black dog laying on the ground outside

In Loving Memory of Boo

The original Tired Dog.

Proud Supporter

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